78/100 AND 10/52: FAIRIES by Foufinha

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A friend brought me this beauty from Sweden ^^ 

This is ultimately what it is like to be alone: you spin yourself into the silk of your own soul, you become a pupa and await metamorphosis, which is certain to come. While waiting, you live on your past experiences and telephatically you live the lives of others. Death and resurrection; being reared and trained for something new and strange. I am finally a sole master of myself. I don’t have to put up with anyone’s petty peeves and silly whims. My soul begins to grow in its newly won freedom and I experience an extraordinary sense of inner peace, of quiet happiness, of security and independence.
August Strindberg, from “Alone” (via sateenkaari)
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Get to know: Charlie Hunnam (insp.

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To the faraway shores! To the unknown lands and shattered islands, to the raging northern seas and lakes full of calm and peace, to the eastern sun and western moon, to the Middlearth, farewell!

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Was flipping through my text book today and…

Jag vet att alla gillar och använder förkortningar men dd och vgd??? Verkligen. Kan man va så lat? Jag känner folk som skriver nåt liknande men ibland är det fmkt XD

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Etretat, France (by falkussler)

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Powązki Cemetery, the oldest necropolis in Warsaw. [x]

fot: Mariusz Cieszewski

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